Raider Token Magic Bridge

Keep your crypto safe from prying eyes!

Our utility, powered and secured by Blockblend technology, transfers 8 major Coins, untraceably to another wallet.

This allows you to make payments to a recipient without them knowing your public address.

It also allows you to transfer your crypto to your own dedicated, anonymous wallet.

This enables you to grow your portfolio without others being able to track your gains.

The 8 Coins can be transferred unchanged or can be transferred, cross-platform, to one of the other 7 Coins.

RaiderToken Magic Bridge

Though the Raider Magic Bridge uses the Blockblend process, transaction costs are 15% cheaper than using the Blockblend's own bridge, saving you money.

- Raider Token Magic Bridge Transaction Fee: 0.425% - 0.85%

- Blockblend Transaction Fee: 0.5% - 1%

The transfer of crypto, using Raider Token Magic Bridge, can be achieved either by directly connecting your wallet to the dApp, or if you would prefer not to connect, funds from your wallet can be sent to a temporary generated receiving address which then forwards the crypto to the intended recipient wallet (Choose Custom Deposit.)

Transaction Fee: 0.425% - 0.85%
  (There is a 15% fee discount when using Raider Token Magic Bridge service)
Expected Delivery: 11/28/2022, 08:32 AM Change
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How Raider Token Magic Bridge works?

Read well and ensure you are familiar with the process, before using the bridge. We suggest using a small trial transfer on first use.

If sending to another wallet of yours, ensure that this wallet has never received crypto before (we recommend creating a new wallet and, thereafter, only funding it with crypto sent via Magic Bridge. This ensures the crypto it contains and any payments out cannot be traced to you.)

Wallet Connected; DEPOSIT

  1. Connect wallet to dApp.
  2. From the dropdown menu, select the Chain you are bridging from and also select the Chain you want to bridge to.
  3. Enter the recipient wallet address.
  4. Choose one of the FIXED amounts of the crypto you want to send, and click NEXT.
  5. Review the details and retain the Recovery Key for your records.
  6. Click the CONFIRM TRANSACTION button and sign the transaction in your wallet.

Wallet NOT connected; CUSTOM DEPOSIT

  1. From the drop-down menu, select the Chains you are Bridging from and to.
  2. Enter the recipient wallet address.
  3. Ensure CUSTOM is selected, then click NEXT.
  4. Send the desired amount (from amount options available) to the address provided within the displayed time limit.
  5. Be sure to send the correct currency (as shown in step 1.) to the generated address provided.
  6. Review the details and retain the Recovery Key for your records.

IMPORTANT: Pay close attention to the Min / Max values for the specified token, any amount of tokens sent outside of these ranges will fail and are NOT RECOVERABLE!

NOTE: The estimated delivery time will vary based on network usage an on-chain conditions.


ADVANCED MODE opens a subset of features recommended for power users only.

These include custom time delay settings and the option to include a unique user secret phrase which will ensure singular use of dynamic addresses, ensuring your own crypto coins are never sent back to you in the future.

For enterprise level privacy, we recommend using a higher time delay of up to 24 hours.

Selecting the "Custom" option allows you to deposit multiple times from several different addresses, provided you stay within the min/max value range and the order is fulfilled before the selected time period expires.


Your assets will arrive in the recipient wallet as the native tokens, NOT as wrapped tokens.

For example, if you sent $ETH and the recipient network is Cronos, you will receive native $CRO tokens.


The bridge has multiple use cases, sending isn't the only magic.

For example, if a content creator wanted to receive anonymous crypto payments without exposing a private wallet address, they can generate a dynamic address within the app using an hour-long delay and accept tips or payments from hundreds of people during a live stream or podcast.

Likewise, you can make payments while concealing your private address from the recipient.

With the present climate and impending government regulations coming to the crypto space, we firmly believe anonymity is of the UTMOST importance and want to keep crypto the way Satoshi intended Bitcoin to be -- PRIVATE and ANONYMOUS.

When on-ramping fiat (real-world currency) into crypto, you are essentially linking your real-world persona to a digital wallet. KYC almost defeats the original purpose of crypto.

Using RAIDER TOKEN MAGIC BRIDGE technology you can detach your crypto activity from your real-world self forever and onwards.

What you choose to do with your crypto should remain YOUR business and most importantly... kept PRIVATE.